Surface Temperature Indicators
Biosynergy, Inc. has developed five liquid crystal disposable indicators which have been designed for use in clinical chemistry, microbiology, and any laboratory area when it is critical that compounds and organisms are kept at specific temperatures.  These indicators are inexpensive and may be affixed to all types of plastic, glass, metal, and wood lab-ware as well as curved, round, and flat surfaces for up to one and a half years.

Most of the leading manufacturers of biological compounds/chemicals have warnings on their labels to keep their material stored at specific temperatures.  Not only is it important to maintain these storage temperatures but also, once out of storage, to allow these materials to reach equilibrium temperature prior to use.  Our surface temperature indicators can be affixed directly on the container before or after removal from storage and used as a thermometer to let the technician know when the material has reached its equilibrium temperature, and to monitor the materials while out of storage so they do not exceed specified temperatures.
Irreversible Freeze-Thaw Indicator
LabTemp® 20
Surface Temperature Indicator
(1 to 21°C Temperature Range)
LabTemp® 40
Surface Temperature Indicator
(19 to 21°C and 24 to 41°C Temperature Range)
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Surface Temperature Indicator
(87 to 103°F Temperature Range)