Q - Does Biosynergy, Inc. have a minimum purchase requirement?

A - Yes.  The minimum purchase requirement is one box of any product (except for LabTemp® 60, which has a minimum bulk purchase requirement of 1,000 pieces).

Q - How can I place an order?

A - You may place an order by calling us toll free at (800) 255-5274, faxing us at (847) 956-6050, or by emailing us at biosynergy@att.net.

Q - Do you accept credit cards?

A - Biosynergy, Inc. does not accept credit cards at this time.  However, you can simply give us a Purchase Order Number and we will invoice you.

Q - Do I have to buy the HemoTemp® II Activator to heat the irreversible (flower) portion of the HemoTemp® II indicator?  Can I use another heat source?

A - Biosynergy, Inc. STRONGLY RECOMMENDS that you use the HemoTemp® II Activator to heat the irreversible (flower) portion of the HemoTemp® II indicators because it has been designed to give you temperature uniformity and the precise temperature (38-42°C) necessary for proper heat activation of the HemoTemp® II indicator.  However, if you have another heat source, such as a water bath or incubator that is a MINIMUM OF 38°C or above, the indicators can be heated using these sources.  If the irreversible (flower) portion of the indicator is not heated properly, the indicator will not function correctly.

Q - If I heat the HemoTemp® II indicator and then put it down for a few minutes, can I put it on the cold blood bag, or should I reheat the indicator?

A - If the indicator is left outside the heat source for a few minutes, you must reheat the indicator.  Place the indicator back into the heat source for at least 60 seconds then remove the indicator.  As soon as you start to see the outline of the flower (irreversible portion), remove the laminated backing and press it onto the center or near the bottom of the refrigerated blood bag (3°C or below).  To fully activate the irreversible indicator, you must both heat activate it and quench it.  Simply heating the indicator is not activating it.  As long as the backing is still on the indicator, you can heat it thoroughly again.

Q - Does Biosynergy, Inc. make specialty indicators or OEM products?

A - Yes.  Please contact us and indicate your specific requirements.
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